On this episode of The Quarantine Sessions, Ant caught up with our friend Andrew Weisner of Bartholomew County Beverage. Andrew gives some great advice and some solid info from a distributors perspective. You’ll also learn how the BCB team is doing, how AB is helping during this national emergency, as well as how craft beer sales are measuring up in the midst of all this.

There’s a slight echo on Andrew’s audio in the first few minutes. If anything, we hope hearing his words twice makes them resonate even more.

  • Skip to 01:08 for some positive news about BCB
  • What’s one of the hardest parts for some businesses staying open? Go to 3:21 to find out
  • At 4:12 find out what advice AB has given BCB regarding sanitation protocol
  • Budweiser is making hand sanitizer. Where is it going? Find out at 4:45
  • At 8:06 hear how Andrew likes Goose Island‘s (Chicago, Illinois) 312 Rhubard
  • Indiana changed its growler laws? What?! Find out how and why by sliding to 10:11
  • Fast forward to 13:53 to hear how our current situation is affecting the beer business from Andrew’s perspective
  • What area of BCB biz has been affected the most? Inquiring minds can hear at 14:38
  • Interesting facts for wine drinkers at 15:15
  • Skip to 17:15 to hear if craft sales are struggling
  • At 20:08 hear if Andrew thinks people are going to stop buying beer and what BCB’s plan is if numbers decrease
  • AB spent some Bud Lite marketing dollars to help the service industry as well as those at home. Find out how at 22:20
  • Does Andrew think the Craft beer industry will survive the Covid-19 national emergency? Will we see a higher level of acquisitions? Juicy tidbits at 25:16
  • Go to 33:52 for some solid advice from Andrew for smaller craft breweries to stay afloat
  • Andrew’s thoughts on You Cereal?! by Brewlink (Plainfield, Indiana) at 36:46
  • AB survived prohibition. Slide to 44:25 to hear Ant’s perspective on how we can ALL take a page from their book
  • Andrew’s words of wisdom on how small businesses can navigate our current state of affairs can be found at 46:22



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