Tune in to hear Ant talk with Kurtis Cummings of Switchyard Brewing Company!

  • Go to 2:45 to hear Kurtis’ opinion on if working remotely has affected productivity in a positive way
  • Skip to 4:15 to find out why Kurtis is still showing up to Switchyard at 9 AM and how they’ve personally been affected during all of this
  • Switchyard done flipped the switch y’all! New business plan details at 6:00
  • At 15:00, hear why Kurtis doesn’t think these are unprecedented times for business
  • How did Kurtis’ experience with FEMA help him in adapting to his new situation and applying for an SBA loan? How was this experience the motivation for starting a petition? Find out at 20:50
  • If ya wanna hear how many signatures Kurtis got for his petition to help the service industry employees of Bloomington and Monroe county, go to 25:30
  • Kurtis’ thoughts on the state of the beer union once we’re on the other side of this can be found at 32:00
  • Wondering if you’re within the delivery limits to get Switchyard beer at your door? Shoot over to 41:00 to find out!

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